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Sonic Synergy

by Aneesh Chengappa

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Welcome to Sonic Synergya blog dedicated to exploring how I can become a mix engineer and music producer in the ever-changing and modern landscape of the music industry. My name is Aneesh Chengappa, I'm a student currently studying Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering at Catalyst Institute located in Berlin, Germany. In this space, I delve into the world of sound, trying to understand what transforms good music into something phenomenal. 

You will gain comprehensive insights into the diverse practical aspects of becoming an audio professional. While researching for this blog, I made use of online articles, books, videos podcasts and interviews to get an eclectic and detailed understanding of these two professions. I even had the incredible opportunity to interview three industry professionals, Angad Bains (Bainz), Nick Lubbersen (Moods) & Nicolas Dupuis (Anomalie), to get a in-depth understanding of what it takes to become successful in the audio industry. 

This blog also offers insights into the social challenges present in this field, as well as the ethical standpoint on the use of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on aspiring audio professionals.

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Date Of Publication: 9th April 2024

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