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Sonic Synergy

by Aneesh Chengappa


Artificial Intelligence has been popular discussion in today's world, and this kind of computing has been evolving exponentially. While it is likely to take over jobs behind screens that are repetitive and require less creativity, could this possibly take over the music industry as well? A large number of AI powered tools have entered the music industry, and I did an extensive research paper about it, which you can access here: 

This section will be more focused on the perspective of the industry professionals that I Interviewed, and the ethical usage of these tools.

Bainz - On AI mixing tools and their impact on aspiring engineers:

Aneesh: What are your thoughts on the rise of AI tools and plugins?

Bainz: I think if you use these plugins, you're not going to learn the craft and the skill. Especially if you're starting off, don't use them, because it can become a crutch and you'll find it hard to know what you're doing or how to get better at it.

Aneesh: Do you think these tools are a threat to sound engineers?

Bainz: I don't know, maybe. At a smaller level, it might mess with the entry level engineers more than the established engineers, because major label artists will always want to work with real engineers.

Moods - On using AI tools for music production and their possible threat to the music industry:

Anomalie - On new possibilities with AI tools for music production and their impact on aspiring producers:

AnomalieArtificial Intelligence
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To summarize, these tools can speed up your workflow and maybe even be educative, but overreliance on these tools may hinder creativity and undermine the traditional skills and art of music production. The impact of this technology on entry level audio professionals  is guaranteed to some extent, but remains the broader implications remain uncertain. We'll just have to wait and see how these developments unfolds. 

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